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Short Link Creator For Windows 10

"Changing the way to create Short Links"

For examples See: Short Link Creator Help

What is Short Link Creator?, as you see the name this app creates short links for those who has long links on their web site.
This app is now one of your alternative on it, this app creates unique short link for a long link and it saved to local database that is created on the app, While this app works locally and is managed by you, you have the option to create many short links as you want, add domain names for short links.
This app uses own development and it does not use services from others company, and you have all the control on it. When you finish to create short links, you will need to add some code to your web site or web app, Short Link Creator comes with this option, it creates the unique short link and gives the code you need on your web app with all short link and long link registered. Currently the code developed that the app provides to make the process are:

  • JavaScript
  • ASP.NET Core C#
  • ASP.NET Web Forms C#

All the code provide by the app uses the same logic but not the same platform, but the code can run in any web app platform, If you are not using ASP.NET CORE or ASP.NET Web forms you can use the Client side code that is JavaScript, The JavaScript code can be added to your blog or web default page and when the upcoming request to your web app comes the URL will be referenced to the code looking for the short link, if this short link is not on the code it won't do anything and will be in the default page, there you can post something like Cannot find the link you requested! or you can design it with images as you decide, "Your Logic Counts" on it.
This app can be used for all who wants to use their own short domain name for long links without pay a lot of money to companies for a service on the internet. With a some knowledge about programming you can have your own code working.
The following images are from Short link Creator app.

Start Page


Add Domain Name


Create Short Link


Create Custom Short Link


Get Developer Code


Get ASP.NET Core Developer Code


Get JavaScript Developer Code


View Short Links Created


I hope you enjoy the app :)
"Melvin Dev"

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