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Artificial intelligence (AI) while I was sleeping

April 02, 2017

Yesterday (April 01 2017) I was reading articles about Artificial intelligence before going to sleep it was 2:16 am honestly I don't remember it was 2 am and some minutes, after I read some about AI articles I said my self "I will explore my mind" i finishing thinking that if Robots are going to operate work places leaving some humans without work "How is supposed they are going to be monitored?" this was my question when I see this video shared by Fox 11 Los Angeles News on facebook.

Thinking more about it, something came to my mind "intelligent personal assistant" as humans everyday we are getting help from this kind of "Cool assistant" I use cortana a personal assitant for windows 10, some others I know they use Alexa from amazon and other Siri From apple and others Google Assistant. What do you think about having Robot walking arround you, talking, working and even better doing what humans are supposed to do? Robot + Personal Assistant= Human Replacement. It was enough thinking to get a headache before sleeping. The brain works multitasking "Never Sleep"? I don't know Only I can say the brain always continue working while we are sleeping on what solution you need for answer you did not find. What the real thing is I was Sleeping but the brain was working, I think my brain was making movies trying to find my answer :) of course Is good to dream about you want. While I was Sleeping I did not find answer because Artificial intelligence comes from us. Good I remember something interesting. I was Sleeping and I was the author of that dream so, I see a female Robot ( was my girlfriend wow!!! out of the dream I don't have girlfriend I'm still single) but I was a Robot too!!! "why my brain converts me in a robot in my dream?", In my dream I was walking normally as I walk as human (crazy I know) but If I was a robot how is supposed to have the same feeling as human "honestly I am getting confusing now", There were more than me (more robots) and they had family and children, they reproduced with just having emotional moments and kissing each others, some emotional moment that human won't stop. and believe me I woke up at 4:08 am thinking "Who I am?" I said Thanks God" It was a dream. What my brain supposed to have found? "I am Still thinking" But Interesting enough IF THIS BECOMES TRUE 3D PRINTERS WILL HAVE A LOT OF WORK WHILE THE ROBOTS REPRODUCTION "ROBOT WILL BE PRINTED IN METAL MATERIALS" IN THEIR EMOTIONAL MOMENTS.
It was a dream but Robot are already here and Bot are so intelligent and will answer what you ask faster than you think. I chatted with Zo Months ago Zo is a bot created by Microsoft and she is enough to makes you crazy as soon as you chat with her if this Bot were a Robot what would you Think? "calm Down Virtual Reallity, Personal Assistants, Bot and Robots will be with us in the future in a single place. In a Body Metal or even on humans body doing things by themself"
I don't know if I am wrong in what I was dreaming but "dreams comes true".

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