JavaScript Studio app hits 10,000 downloads on Windows Store

June 20, 2016

Today I feel happy and I want to thanks to all devs and friends who had downloaded JavaScript Studio Universal App for Windows10 and Windows8.1 from Windows Store. Thank you! For giving me the opportunity and downloaded my apps, You know I feel like that Singer on Youtube having 10,000 views in his/her video :D ,Is amazing. While developing JavaScript Studio has not been easy (because the time) I can say that is good tool for developer who uses his/her Windowsphone, Windows10 mobile instead of computer because it supports the same features in all devices.
While The app version that I am talking about is JavaScript Studio free version that is limited in some features I know that you still loving it as I love it , too. There is a 'Pro' paid Version that includes all features that are not available for free Version. Celebrating the 10,000 Downloads of JavaScript Studio Free version, I have been Scheduled a Special Price for JavaScript Studio Pro Version that Starts on 6/20/2016 11:00:00 AM UTC and Ends on 6/26/2016 12:00:00 AM UTC . Read More...

Javascript Studio App Versions

Thank you for your interest on JavaScript Studio app, here you will find updates and some samples, content and more. Javascript Studio is a Windows store app developed for both Windows and Windowsphone, for those who writes Javascript code on the go, instead of using your laptop you can use your windowsphone, while you are coding you can insert snippet code available or use intellisense, the intellisense will help you to complete javascript code while you type.

While there are different version of Javascript studio you can use both of them. the two version are different on interface and feature support.

Please check the help and tutorials page to learn how the features work.

Javascript Studio For Windows 10

A great app installed in a great divice as Windows 10 is, If you are a javascript developer you should try this app, Javascript Studio enables you to be more productive, since it works in all windows 10 and windows 8.1 you can write your code using your Windows Mobile 10, Windows Mobile 8.1 on the go then save the code as app or export it as a text file, html when you finished coding. Don't miss any code again, Sometimes our mind tell us a beautiful code while we don't have our computer on our hands, Why you don't have Javascript Studio with you?
The following is the feature list to compare with the free version


  • Full Integrated Javascript Intellisense
  • File Creation
  • File Reading
  • Pin apps to start screen
  • Delete app
  • Internet resource usage
  • Export App as html or txt File
  • Import file from Documents or other location
  • Customize the App Background
  • Work with any Windows device

Javascript Studio Pro For Windows 10 Mobile

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Javascript Studio Pro For Windows 10

Start Page


Customize the Background App


Customize App Background




Code Editor


Javascript Studio Free Version

Javascript Studio Free version is great and you can do the same as you do with the professional version the difference are in some features available in the Professional version are not available in the free version
The following is the feature list available in the free version.


  • Javascript Intellisense (Not full)
  • Delete app
  • Internet resource usage
  • Work with any Windows device

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Connect with Javascript Studio to get more info, tutoriales, updates and more at


This section has project templates, you can select one of them to start coding. When you select a template, JavaScript Studio will open the editor code.


Here will be loaded the apps you have created, if you have not created one , this field will be empty, you can create many apps as you want. each app will be available in the device that was developed only.
Each app you create will be saved in the current App folder where JavaScript Studio is installed.


In the learning section you will find some links that you can go and learn if you don't know anything about programming JavaScript, HTML, CSS, those links are not part of JavaScript Studio developer, but are great to learn.