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Introducing TimeApp for windows10. Have you waiting for an app that makes time,Money calculation on your business? TimeApp has been developed to help all needs on your business and can be used by individual people, Organization, Stores, freelancers. TimeApp Doesn't Require Suscription or Internet Connection to work with. TimeApp is a timecard app and offer complete Working hours by day and generate report by date range selected, Allowing you to calculate how much the employee has earned by the end of the day,week or date range. You can add as many employee as you need. What you can do with TimeApp?

** Register Employees.

** Register Company and Company Profile.

** Register Company Work Positions.

** Each employee registered can use the Clock (Punch Time) to Work in,Lunch Start, Lunch End, Work out

** You can configure the clock (puncher) You can determinate the regular hours in a period of day or days you paid and after those regular hours all will be count as Overtime hours Also you can set how much the overtime rate will be: Example Regular Hours are 40 and the employee works 45, you will paid 40 regular hours as the position rate of the employee is registered and 5 overtime hours.

** You can create schedule selecting date period, When you create eschedules you will see how much you will paid by the end of the period.
**Clock Report (shows all data generated from Clock(puncher)

**User Accounts: You can create user account as many as you want to login into TimeApp, and can restrict access account or add limited access to each user account

** Backup Database: You are able to BackUp the data base out of the app in case you need in other device, Because you can Export the DataBase and you can Import into TimeApp

TimeApp Help.

  • Getting started with TimeApp
    On this getting started turial you will learn how to setup TimeApp step by step using an example. You need to create the Admitrator user account, Add Employees, Work positions, add company profiles, and all you need to know before using TimeApp.
  • Creating User Account
    Learn how to create the first user account, give access level, disbale user account, create more user account. Timeapp allows you to create all user accounts you need.
  • Adding company and company profiles
    Learn how to add Company and company profiles. TimeApp allows you to add a company or companies as many as you want, each company can have more than one profile, Company is the main company and company profiles are count as locations or stores. An example is a corporation where the corporation has more than one locations.
  • Setting default company profile
    Learn how to set a default company. TimeApp allows you to set a default company profile. when you set a default company, it is used arround TimeApp for example when TimeApp initialize automatically, it navigate to Clock page, it looks for the default company profile,
  • Adding employees
    Learn how to add employees. This tutorial shows all you need to know to add employees to TimeApp database.
  • Adding positions
    Learn how to add positions This tutorial shows you step by step how to add position name and position rate.


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